About us

TOSTABUR from Bratislava is the oldest historical fencing group in Slovakia. It has been founded in 1964 by Ing. Peter Koza, who is an acknowledged fencing master today and has been leading the group artistically and professionally for 55 years.

The main goal of TOSTABUR is to artistically, faithfully and attractively display history in its full beauty and extensiveness – most of all the art of fencing, knights’ tourneys, historical dance and processions, and various other activities related to history.

During its existence, TOSTABUR has taken part in or organised many successful performances (reprises of which can be counted in the hundreds), fencing festivals both home and abroad and in over a hundred series/movies productions.

After years of activity abroad, we have returned to the Slovak scene – we would like to offer programmes full of action, information, thrill and fun to little and grown-up viewers alike and to charm them for at least a moment with atmosphere of the ages past.

Complete information about the group, movie and event archives, performance offers, and gallery can be found on